hey i'm riti or ruesha, you may know me as carrdism on youtube. i'm south asian, 17, and i use she/love. if you're interested in seeing some of my carrds, click the yena pic!

if you're interested in purchasing carrd pro, use my referral code RITI at checkout; it would mean a lot to me!

if you're interested in commissioning me, you can check out my comm crd. i also sell copies of my carrd designs. you can dm me on twitter or insta. i take payments on Venmo and Paypal only.

Fav Links

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My Templates

cosmo - standard (free to 1/31)
riti (old ver) - plus ($12)
riti (old ver) - standard ($15)
ʚ♥ɞ - standard ($9)
destiny - plus ($10)
destiny - standard ($13)
old riti crd - plus ($12)
old riti crd - standard ($15)
dil - standard ($13)
'doll online' - © crditem (standard) (free)
two column carrd - © jake (standard) (free)

My Carrds

hi! these are just some of my carrds, if you want to see pricing details or all of my carrds, you can head to my comm crd